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Joseph Apartments, established in 1982, is a full-service investment property business in Whittier, California. Founder and owner, James Joseph, is a 30-year veteran of the real estate industry, specializing in apartment buildings. He has sold over 2,300 units in his career. The range of cities he covers is vast, reaching as far south as Costa Mesa, as far north as Pasadena, and as far east as Ontario. He is recognized for his mass marketing to over 19,000 apartment owners on a monthly basis. Through the monthly newspaper, the Investment Property Update, he is able to market all of his listings to over 27,000 potential buyers. He is well trained and educated in his market and highly recommended by past clients. He has maintained a successful career in listing and selling apartment buildings while juggling office ownership, national speaking, and foreign real estate consulting.


Mr. Joseph is the former director of his local board of realtors and served as a chairman on the board for the Legislative, Political Action Committee. As real estate related policies arose, he was called upon to discuss them with the representatives. He was a liaison between the 300 members and the state organization. Mr. Joseph was also a state director to the California Association of Realtors. He has authored numerous articles about the real estate industry that have been published regionally and nationally. He has been quoted and/or published in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Orange County Apartment Magazine, and dozens of other publications. He is a national speaker for the Commercial Division of Century 21 and a specialist in the sale of apartment buildings. He has been hired by Century 21 Mexico and Century 21 Japan to advise them on the industry. He was recognized for his high level of production in apartment sales and received the Grand CENTURION Award, placing him in the top 0.01% of Century 21 sales associates in the United States. He can be reached at 562-236-0088


The producer of Investment Property Update, James Joseph, is Southern California's premier apartment realtor. He lives in Orange County and has six children. His family came together each year for a family portrait that they sent to their friends and family. Over the years the card became a long-standing family tradition that everyone was eager to see. Here before you is a slideshow of the family cards. Thank you for your support, Enjoy!

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Joseph Apartments, established in 1982, is a full-service investment property business in Whittier, California. Founder James Joseph, is a real estate veteran, specializing in apartment buildings.

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