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IPU Interviews Whittier Mayor Mr. Newcomer

by: Margo Hughes, from: IPU, February 27, 2013

Apartment owners have long since depended on a stable relationship with the law and policymakers. Mayor Owen Newcomer of Whittier and James Joseph discuss how to get help from the city office.

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Jim, from Investment Property Update, interviews Mr. Owen Newcomer, Mayor of Whittier, California.

Jim: Good morning. I'm with Owen Newcomer he is the current mayor of Whittier, California. Mayor, thanks for coming in today.


Mr. Mayor: I appreciate the opportunity, thank you.


Jim: I wanted to ask him, if an property owner is watching this and they own property in Whittier there's a lot of new rules, new regulations, and on one hand a lot of the apartment owners are supportive of the community but on the other hand they hate fighting city hall so I thought I'd bring Mr. mayor in today and give us some direction about where to go for questions and answers. So mayor what would you like to say to apartment owners in Whittier.


Mr. Mayor: I appreciate it and I would just like to thank you for this opportunity. Call the city would be the first point of getting something done. Yes there are a lot of new regulations – some federal, some state and okay, a few of them came from us here at the city. But, working with the city staff we can help minimize the cost, minimize the time and make it very efficient.


We're proud that just a few months ago the Los Angeles economic development corporation awarded Whittier the most business friendly city award in Los Angeles county. Now, they classified us in the big cities. I'm not sure we qualify as a big city we are about 85, 000. But we are very honored to have it and that award is recognition of how we like to work with business owners including apartment owners.


So, who to call? Go right to the top! Call our city manager – Jeff Collier at (562) 567-9304 and e-mail jcollier@cityofwhittier.org. Tell him the project you are thinking of doing, whether its an upgrade, whether you're re-paving a parking lot, changing out the air conditioning system, re-doing the windows.


Talk to the city first. We can guide you through the regulations, we can also point you where there might be help in covering the cost. A lot of the environmental rules now have help help from California Edison, help form the tax codes, help in a number of ways and the city can direct you to make this as painless, as quick and as efficient as possible. But the key! Call the city first. Jeff collier and all of our staff are there eager to work with you and eager to prove that we deserved that award as the most business friendly city in Los Angeles County.


So we hope you have a long and prosperous rule in Whittier. We wish 2013 to be good for you and we look forward to a successful working relationship.  We're proud of our city, and proud of our residents and proud of our businesses. Thank you very much.


Jim: Hey, thanks for coming in today I appreciate it.


Mr. Mayor: Thank you, appreciate the opportunity.


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